Live from the Woods: DR Congo must reject power sharing calls

There are already suggestions for a power-sharing deal in the Democratic Republic of Congo after the controversial December 30 poll. But much as an inclusive government is seen as a post-election conflict management mechanism, it has only succeeded in producing a second-hand democracy in Africa. Since the start of multiparty democracy in Africa in the […]

Live from the Woods: Menzgold customers not motivated by greed but curiosity

If the movement of ants could stun a child, then adults – educated and uneducated, could be gullible to shell out their cash for a piece of a scam. Psychologists have gotten a handle of the two scenarios and classified them as aspects of the same pie – curiosity. The source of this drive, which […]

Video: Watch the thief who stole NSMQ 2017 Quiz Mistress’ bag

The Quiz mistress’ black silk handbag with a red zip was stolen during the presentation of prices at the National Theatre, marring what appeared a stellar programme. The video below appears to have captured the period the stealing was carried out on the platform during presentation of the awards to winner Prempeh College. Please watch […]