4 Life Lessons I Learned at Age 20

Life prior to age 20 assumed the role of a guest to me – guests come and go.  It didn’t attract any special attention from me. All that I ever cared for were; school days, meal time, my friends, church time, and play time. I was not so much interested in how the day began […]

Corporate Powers: 6 Reasons Why You’re Not Leadership Material

There’s so much misconception in the world about who a leader is and what s/he does. This has been heightened by the proliferation of materials that promise quick fixes – transforming someone into a leader overnight. Can the duck really take the position of the eagle? One of the unresolved controversies in leadership management remains […]

Short story: The conversation

‘She thinks I’ll continue to stay and serve her after service. This slavery will stop today.’ ‘We need to advise ourselves because the other day she told a member those of us staying with her are a bunch of lazy folk.’ ‘Can you imagine? She keeps all the offering to herself. That’s selfish.’ Three women […]

Short story: Living with an enemy called wife – Final episode

Kwabena returned from work to meet a dead house. When he held the door he realized it had been opened. He pushed it. He scanned the entire room when he was inside as though he was hunting for a special evil spirit. His wife was not in sight. Adwoa had fallen on the floor when […]