Corporate Powers: 5 Apps that will block distractions, make you insanely productive

It’s easy to get distracted when everything around you is disorganized and messy. That’s normal because life is sometimes messy. But getting organized is what explains why a few people get their goals achieved, while a significantly huge number don’t. While being disorganized in the past may have been pardonable, that can’t be said of […]

4 Life Lessons I Learned at Age 20

Life prior to age 20 assumed the role of a guest to me – guests come and go.  It didn’t attract any special attention from me. All that I ever cared for were; school days, meal time, my friends, church time, and play time. I was not so much interested in how the day began […]

10 Career Choices You Will Regret You Made In 20 Years

Regret is the byproduct of bad decisions and miscalculated actions. Life offers us many choices, some noble and others ignoble. And we must understand that it’s not every decision we make that leads us to the destination we covet. But we must strive to ensure that our choices do not produce regrets all the time. […]

Corporate Powers: 6 Reasons Why You’re Not Leadership Material

There’s so much misconception in the world about who a leader is and what s/he does. This has been heightened by the proliferation of materials that promise quick fixes – transforming someone into a leader overnight. Can the duck really take the position of the eagle? One of the unresolved controversies in leadership management remains […]