My Experience: My partner of 14 years is lesbian and I didn’t know

We have two lovely children, a boy and a girl, that any parent would be proud of. Kwame, 10, and Akua, 6, are intelligent and respectful children who excel in school. They’re either the first in their class or second at the end of every term and this has sparked a competition between them. Each […]

Short story: Living with an enemy called Wife – Episode 8

The cloud was heavy with rains and the weather very chilly when Adwoa took her basket one Saturday morning. She told Kwabena she was buying some food items from the Madina market. She had decided to prepare different types of soup for the coming week because her schedules at work was becoming tighter. ‘Do you […]

Short story: Living with an enemy called wife – Episode 7

The night was black as soot with a flickering of light surrounding the Kotoka International Airport when Gambia Airline flight SE02545 touched down Sunday. Kwabena was asleep when a female flight attendant woke him up. He opened his eyes and saw the name Agartha embossed on the left breast of the attendant. His eyes balls recoiled […]

Short story: Living with an enemy called wife – Episode 4

When Adwoa left the hospital, she immediately phoned Kofi Poku to schedule a meeting with him in town. She sounded worried and her tone was urgent as though she had heard about the result of the lab test. ‘There’s something I want to tell you. Can we meet in town?’ she was brisk as never […]