I am sure you’re wondering what the heck you’re doing here. Well, let me tell you that you have invaded the privacy of Kwabena Brakopowers. “What the fuck am I doing on this page?” you will ask yourself. Fact is, I’m wondering the same thing.

Here’s the thing. I’m an independent writer. What that means is that I’m not under contract at a magazine or newspaper, I’m not beholden to some overbearing editor/publisher, and I’m certainly not whoring myself out to some big media conglomerate. I don’t have to sell ads or beg for airtime. I don’t have to pitch a dozen article ideas just to get a thousand words printed somewhere where people will read it.

I write stuff. You read it. It’s that simple. It’s non-negotiable.

I’m glad to be in this position, but it isn’t by accident. I do what I do because of cherished readers like you. Yes people like you who love what I do enough to want spend some time on this website.

There’s no referee here. It’s you and me, but I write the stuff and you read it.

I strive to put together a lot of amazing content for your delight. If you’re impressed with the kinds of articles I’ve here please do recommend the page to your significant others. A good message is good when you share it to others.

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