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Living with an enemy called wife


Chasing The Dream

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Short story: Living with an enemy called wife – Episode 1

The sun lazily pierced through the curtain into the room. It threw particles of rays onto the bed. It shone on the face of Kwabena who faced it. His wife was also on the bed but she looked the other direction. Both seethed with anger and disappointment. Their relationship had been growing cold by the […]

Bleeding Masculine

“Boys shouldn’t cry”, “a boy ought to show maturity”, and “as a boy, you’re the head of your family”. These are some lines society recites to suppress the immaturity and emotions of its males. In Ghana where I come from, such lines abound. My father – who himself is a “victim” of this indoctrination – […]

Bawumia ‘deliberately’ omitted one-day one-attack from 100 days achievements

No democratic government in the history of the country enjoyed the amount of goodwill the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) is enjoying today. But this is predicted to run out in the coming days and when it is done, government won’t engage in hide and seek on critical issues anymore. If care is not taken, […]