No one will legalise homosexuality – Gov’t clarifies position

After coming under fire over the President’s homosexuality comment on Qatar-based Al Jazeera TV, the government says it has no intention to legalise same-sex relationship. Information Minister, Mustapha Hamid disclosed on Monday homosexuality continues to be unacceptable because there is no “cultural orientation” that supports it. Although he admitted a society’s culture could change to […]

4 Life Lessons I Learned at Age 20

Life prior to age 20 assumed the role of a guest to me – guests come and go.  It didn’t attract any special attention from me. All that I ever cared for were; school days, meal time, my friends, church time, and play time. I was not so much interested in how the day began […]

Don’t squeeze women’s breast like mangoes – Breast Care boss

The President of Breast Care International has entreated men to desist from acts that predispose the breasts of their women to danger. Dr Beatrice Wiafe-Addai said the way men squeeze the breast of women during sexual intercourse like mango or orange is harmful. She told Francis Abban on Starr FM Thursday, the breast is a […]

Kelvin Hart apologises to wife, kids over ‘sexual error’

Hollywood actor and comedian Kevin Hart has apologised to his pregnant wife and his children for what he said was an “error in judgment.” In an Instagram video post, the 38-year-old star said he will rather confess than to yield to the demands of someone trying to extort him over sexually suggestive video. The Central […]

My boyfriend’s father hates me after I turned down his sex overtures

My boyfriend and I have postponed our wedding for more than two times and on each occasion, my soon-to-be father-in-law was the cause. The once nice fellow who would demand an audience with me anytime I visited, has suddenly become antagonistic towards me. He now reviles my presence and has asked his son to slow […]