Short story: The Barber

The whole town mourned the death of Michael Opoku known by everyone as The Barber. The chief of Odikro-Akyem and community members stood by the graveside as young men shoved sand onto the coffin that carried their all-time warrior. The casket was designed like a dagger to reflect the status of the dead when he […]

Short story: The conversation

‘She thinks I’ll continue to stay and serve her after service. This slavery will stop today.’ ‘We need to advise ourselves because the other day she told a member those of us staying with her are a bunch of lazy folk.’ ‘Can you imagine? She keeps all the offering to herself. That’s selfish.’ Three women […]

Short story: A rare gift in 1983 Ghana

The Zion Methodist hospital in Koforidua in the Eastern Region was filled with patients who were on admission owing to improper diet. They looked emaciated with the flesh on their faces completely wasted. Many of them dropped dead with the passing of every minute. Dr Yaw Frimpong toured the wards with two nurses gauging the […]

Short story: Living with an enemy called wife – Final episode

Kwabena returned from work to meet a dead house. When he held the door he realized it had been opened. He pushed it. He scanned the entire room when he was inside as though he was hunting for a special evil spirit. His wife was not in sight. Adwoa had fallen on the floor when […]

Short story: Living with an enemy called wife – Episode 11

The death of Anamoah angered the police hierarchy because of her role in many high-profile crimes committed across the country. She was a prime suspect because her name had come up in many preliminary investigations. The ASP Derwood and the other officer were invited to the headquarters for questioning. ASP Michael Adusei was identified as […]

Short story: Living with an enemy called wife – Episode 10

The first thing Kwabena did when they arrived home was to break the news about his wife’s pregnancy to his father. ‘She’s pregnant daddy.’ Opanyin Yaw pressed the phone closer to his right ear as though it held the magic to his life. The manner Kwabena spoke about his wife pleased him. He moistened his […]