My Experience: My partner of 14 years is lesbian and I didn’t know

We have two lovely children, a boy and a girl, that any parent would be proud of. Kwame, 10, and Akua, 6, are intelligent and respectful children who excel in school. They’re either the first in their class or second at the end of every term and this has sparked a competition between them. Each […]

My boyfriend’s father hates me after I turned down his sex overtures

My boyfriend and I have postponed our wedding for more than two times and on each occasion, my soon-to-be father-in-law was the cause. The once nice fellow who would demand an audience with me anytime I visited, has suddenly become antagonistic towards me. He now reviles my presence and has asked his son to slow […]

How my soon-to-be wife broke up with me over ¢4500 ring

We dated for nine years but when the time came, all those years together with reason crumbled before our very eyes. What mattered at that time was emotions and feelings and not love. For a bond as strong as ours to go bust over a seemingly simple misunderstanding that tore through our relationship, testifies to […]

Short story: The Barber

The whole town mourned the death of Michael Opoku known by everyone as The Barber. The chief of Odikro-Akyem and community members stood by the graveside as young men shoved sand onto the coffin that carried their all-time warrior. The casket was designed like a dagger to reflect the status of the dead when he […]

Short story: The conversation

‘She thinks I’ll continue to stay and serve her after service. This slavery will stop today.’ ‘We need to advise ourselves because the other day she told a member those of us staying with her are a bunch of lazy folk.’ ‘Can you imagine? She keeps all the offering to herself. That’s selfish.’ Three women […]