Live from the Woods: How does Hussein-Suale’s murder help Ghana resolve contract killings?

The spate of contract killings in the country is rising by the day and very soon it would be common. The permanent threat to the peace Ghana enjoys would not come from activities of criminals but rather the incompetence in safeguarding it. Black’s (2000) defined contract killing as “a continuous sequence of interactions by one […]

GUBA Foundation donates 100 desks to Tolon SHS

The Ghana UK-Based Achievement Awards (GUBA) Foundation has donated 100 study desks and three cupboards to the Tolon Senior High School, located in the Tolon-Kumbungu district in the North Region of Ghana. The gesture was a reaction to a report by Joy News’ Hashmin Mohammed, which captured the deplorable condition students of the school had […]

Live from the Woods: DR Congo must reject power sharing calls

There are already suggestions for a power-sharing deal in the Democratic Republic of Congo after the controversial December 30 poll. But much as an inclusive government is seen as a post-election conflict management mechanism, it has only succeeded in producing a second-hand democracy in Africa. Since the start of multiparty democracy in Africa in the […]

Guest Post: Why JM stands tall in 2020

Friends asked me where do I stand with regards to the ongoing internal politics in the NDC? And my response was and still is simple. As things stand today, Former President John Mahama is the strongest candidate that the NDC can’t equivocate, but ought to present in 2020. The other aspirants are equally good materials […]

Live from the Woods: Menzgold customers not motivated by greed but curiosity

If the movement of ants could stun a child, then adults – educated and uneducated, could be gullible to shell out their cash for a piece of a scam. Psychologists have gotten a handle of the two scenarios and classified them as aspects of the same pie – curiosity. The source of this drive, which […]