NCCE retakes vow before Akufo-Addo, recommits to ‘sale’ of Constitution

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has pledged to rally Ghanaians behind the 1992 Constitution by stepping up its education campaigns.

While declaring support for the institution of the Constitution Day, the Commission says Ghanaians will be the ultimate beneficiary if deference is paid to the present Constitution.

Speaking at the Constitution Day Public Lecture held Monday, NCCE Deputy Commissioner, Kathy Addy assured the president the Commission will not rest until the aim of the Constitution is achieved.

She lauded the government for recognising the work of the Commission in setting aside January 7 as a Constitution Day.

Ms Addy promised Ghanaians the Commission will help to make the celebration of the day meaningful going forward.

To change or not to change the 1992 constitution:

Meanwhile, GIMPA Rector Professor Philip Bondzi-Simpson has lamented about the present status of the work done by the Constitutional Review Commission set up in 2010.

“The exercise of the Constitutional Review should be completed,” the law lecturer canvassed, encouraging the current regime to make public its position on the Commission’s work.

The present 1992 Constitution has been in existence for the past 27 years, the longest by far followed by the 1960 Constitution.

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