Is anyone watching Ade Coker? He’s a complete mess!

The major problem with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is that it has too many wrong people in sensitive positions.

I am convinced one doesn’t need to be extremely intelligent to take a position in any political party in Ghana, but I think one needs to be intelligently smart if s/he wants to succeed – and s/he must.

Sadly, the agents of defeat who orchestrated the shameful NDC defeat in the 2016 general elections are bullying their way back into the party, once again. They want to take control of the party they helped to defeat.

These people who lack the nuance of politics have been pathetic in discerning what the party needs at any material moment. Their motivation has purely been self-preservation and anything that will help improve the political fortune of the party doesn’t feature in their thinking – as if they think at all [don’t misquote me, anyways I don’t care if you do].

Leading the herd is the Greater Accra Regional NDC Chairman, Ade Coker, a football enthusiast and political businessman. Since assuming the chairmanship of the NDC in the region in 2009, the businessman turned politician has taken far too many unintelligent decisions that the party will live to regret in the future.

Any student of politics and history will know that Mr Coker has been more of a burden on the NDC in the last eight years than the party has been on Ghanaians. Under his watch, the NDC shed a staggering 5.6percent in the 2016 general elections. From 52.3 percent in 2012 to a disappointingly 46.7percent, one does not need a magnifying glass to know that the football enthusiast is not cut for the job.

Aspiring Okaikoi North Constituency NDC Chairman, Gregory Quarshie disqualified

As if that was not enough, Mr Coker has crudely masterminded the disqualification of an aspiring Okaikoi North Constituency Chairman, Gregory Quarshie on the ground that he has not been an active member of the NDC.

I thought the NDC is in the process of reorganising its structures ahead of the crucial 2020 general elections, which means an end to bickering? I thought the NDC undertook a healing tour supposedly to heal the wounds suffered in the 2016 general elections or before that?

But I didn’t think Mr Coker would stoop that low to define an active member of the NDC to mean anybody other than those who are occupying the nine branch positions. The rest of the so-called-supporters, he reportedly said, are mere sympathisers, including all the hard-working, unemployed yet faithful youth who were in opposition when their party was in power.

I am scandalised to learn that the Regional Chairman is gleefully defending this unintelligent stoking of dissension in the NDC. If other positions within the NDC were to be contested based on one’s previous experience at the branch or constituency levels, I doubt Mr Coker would have survived any vetting.

I have known Gregory Quarshie, young and brilliant financial analyst and energy economist, from University of Ghana and can testify that he was there when the NDC tertiary branch (TEIN) was struggling on campus. He helped. And he was to replicate same at his branch and constituency levels where he funded some activities there.

I, therefore, find it unforgivable for anyone to conclude he has not been an active member of the NDC because he has a greater chance of unseating the current Chairman, Fiifi Taylor, a puppet of the Regional Chairman.

The NDC will be the loser if this issue should go to court and I want to urge Mr Quarshie and all aggrieved supporters of the party to test the law. If an unintelligent individual wants to bully you, test the law. The courts are there for us.

Is anyone watching Ade Coker? Are the NDC National Executives still confused and do not know what to do to instill sanity in their party? Are the NDC Regional Executives still shocked by the 2016 defeat occasioned by their inactions and actions?

Ade Coker needs to be tamed. He is a complete mess that will mess the NDC if care is not taken to properly address the problems he leaves behind wherever he goes.


The author, Kwabena Brakopowers is a tough-talking journalist, author, traveller and life enthusiast whose work focuses on politics, health, relationship, environment and international affairs. You can reach him via 

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