My Experience: My wife-to-be is pregnant with another man but…

I know some of you will label my action as utterly stupid and the height of absurdity after reading my experience. But know: true love never ends.

Serwaa and I have been together for more than a decade and are attached to each other that our relatives and friends call us Inseparable Divine Couple (IDC). We’re often seen together at events clad in the same attire.

She’s the sweetest in bed and soft-talking if you talked to her. I always know we’re meant for each other and she does reecho same.

And although I have had grounds to doubt her love for me, especially when I caught Kwame kissing her after I’d left them to pick something in my bedroom, I have been the one giving life to the relationship.

But my head has been spinning the past two months after I discovered Serwaa is pregnant with another man whom she met at my friend’s wedding in November 2017.

My girl has cheated on me once again and I’m heartbroken because I am always the one doling out forgiveness whenever something goes wrong.

When I confronted her about the pregnancy, she recoiled into her shell and blatantly denied the existence of such a thing.

“If ever I’ll carry anyone’s child, it will be yours,” she lied to me in February this year when I raised the issue with her.

The last time we made love was in December last year when we made plans to get married in August 2018. Somehow in early February this year, she began to pressurise me to have sex with her despite our decision. But I declined.

It was on April 4, 2018, that she admitted openly to me over the phone that she is pregnant with Kwame. We’re four months away from our wedding and I don’t want to disappoint her because the preparation is 85 percent complete.

I love her so much and I’m always there for her no matter what life throws at her or us. I re-proposed to her last Friday and she said YES.

I have told her about my readiness to help raise the child. I don’t mind at all because love forgives and loves no matter what.

True love has no end.

My name is Solomon and I am in love once again.


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