I joined #GhanaFirst demo to make statement to US Congress, son – lecturer

A business lecturer at the University of Ghana has justified why he joined thousands of people to protest the Ghana-US military deal ratified by Parliament last Friday.

Dr Kobby Mensah said he wanted to make a “particular statement” to the US Congress that the Donald Trump administration is taking advantage of Ghanaians to force the “imbalanced agreement” down their throat.

Thousands of Ghanaians poured onto the streets of Accra Wednesday to protest the Ghana-US Defence Cooperation Agreement endorsed by lawmakers.

Under the deal, the US administration is expected to inject the sum of $20million into the Ghana Armed Forces in exchange for unimpeded access to key strategic facilities in the country.

But the detail of the agreement has divided opinion in Ghana, with sections of Ghanaians calling on the government to renegotiate some provisions.

“Immediately I saw the agreement, I screamed. I clearly didn’t see how a sovereign country will sign such a deal,” Dr Mensah said in an interview.

He expressed surprise Parliament ratified the agreement when it could have interrogated it properly to fine-tune it.

“I was really scared [because] I know what people in Taiwan go through, I know what people in Germany are going through,” the lecturer said.

Dr Mensah said he will join any activity designed to register the discontent of Ghanaians about the deal.

“I needed to tell Washington and Congress that what their government is doing to our country is not good enough,” he explained, adding he wants his son to know he kicked against the deal when it came up for discussion.

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