Feminism not war – Expert calls for ‘truce’ between Sugardem, Pepper Dem

A gender expert with the University of Ghana has called for a collaboration between two feminist groups Pepper Dem Ministries and Sugardem GH in addressing rights issues in the society.

Professor Akosua Adomako Ampofo said feminism has never been a battle over superiority among feminists but rather how to cure social injustice against women.

Speaking to Naa Ashorkor on Joy FM’s Strong and Sassy programme Wednesday, the Gender lecturer said a lot could be achieved if the two groups learn to work together.

“This is not a war,” she said, adding “we want an equal opportunity in the space out there, we want to be equally valued, taken seriously and be given the choice to decide which option we are going to take.”

Professor Ampofo was reacting to the raging debate between two feminist groups Sugardem GH and Pepper Dem Ministries over the place of women in modern Ghana.

Members of Sugardem Gh

The Pepper Dem Ministries, formed in 2017, is popular for its radical views on the role of women in the home and in the workplace. It is reported to have stated it is not the work of women to prepare meals for their husbands.

But the Sugardem GH founded by Adom FM’s Vim Lady has advocated a liberal approach in dealing with some of the injustices against women.

Rallying the support of women who are non-aligned, the feminist group wants the men to be seen as partners instead of the “real enemies in the room.”

Members of Pepper Dem Ministries with KSM

But Prof Ampofo has seen nothing wrong with the ideologies advanced by the two groups, saying there are many feminist groups in the world with different objectives.

“There are black feminist thoughts, Marxist feminism, post-colonial feminism,” she said, explaining at the core of the debate is the understanding that women are disadvantaged.

She would rather want Sugardem GH and Pepper Dem Ministries to work together, stating feminism should not be a competition.

But she believes the image of Pepper Dem Ministries in the public may not be a true representation of what it generally stands for, saying its position may have been misrepresented.

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