Live from the Woods: Amidu’s appointment big on gimmicks, less on patriotism

Martin Amidu’s appointment makes bold and stirring statements about president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo as a leader who is still committed to the anti-corruption fight.

The night the president made the announcement, I asked myself whether the decision to appoint Mr Amidu was taken at a meeting with an angel at one end of the negotiating table and a devil on the other.

Touchingly, it’s the best political appointment ever to be made in the 4th Republic and by a sitting president. My reading of the national debate spawned by the appointment is that there is a general consensus that the venerable anti-corruption crusader deserves the position.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

The president has made so many appointments including the employment of 11o substantive Ministers and Deputy Ministers. But this is his best since he was sworn-in in January last year.

And while I commend president Akufo-Addo and congratulate Mr Amidu, I want to put on record that this appointment is big on political gimmicks and less on patriotism.

It may have been the best decision of the Akufo-Addo led New Patriotic Party (NPP) government, but it was done for political reasons – to rake in political fortunes for the party.

We all know the NPP presidential candidate who made fiery promises to deal ruthlessly with corruption is not the same as the president of Ghana. And though the name remained unchanged, the commitment on the campaign trail is not the same at the Flagstaff House.

The government in the closing days of 2017 had grave corruption allegations hanging on its neck but the only thing the president did was to dismiss them as opposition schemes aimed at undermining him.

Trades Minister Alan Kyeremanten alleged extortion of $100,000 from some expat businesses for a presidential seat at the 2017 Ghana Expatriate Business Awards (GEBA) was thrown out as lies by the president after he was fed with a one-sided information. Parliament is currently probing the matter and we hope the committee will be bipartisan in its work although Majority members on the committee are pro-Alan.

The big conversation we need in Ghana has still not begun especially how the government is going to adequately resource the Office of Special Prosecutor (OSP) to effectively function.

The announcement of the appointment was to start a long and somehow tortuous process of completely setting up the OSP. We know when it comes to resource allocation, our governments have never shown the needed commitment and Mr Amidu might face same.

My fear is that Mr Amidu’s steam may be interfered with by the government when it comes to resource allocation. And yes, the president or the kingmakers might deliberately frustrate the OSP if they know he will be targeting some corrupt members of the NPP government.

The president has made a choice for the OSP but anything positive in this appointment will be undermined by the oxymoron at its heart.

It’s said that once you know the nature of the beast, you understand why the beast does what he does. As a student of politics, I understand its nuances and I am better positioned to appreciate why people describe politics as a dirty game.



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  1. I stand to reason with you my brother. It is now the duty of every citizen, especially you people from the various media houses to ensure that the OSP does its work without favouritism.

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