Corporate Powers: 4 reasons why your company doesn’t value you

We have 20 days more for the year 2017 to glide to a close, but while some people have something to celebrate, others don’t. We all started the year with a list of things we hoped to achieve by the end of the year. That was good.

And though life expects us to make measurable progress within a stated time, not all of us achieved our dreams in the year, despite their glamorous nature.

Maybe you’re one of those who had wanted to make some progress in the workplace, get the raise and be invited to high-profile meetings. But that didn’t happen. Whoosh!!! The company still doesn’t value your contribution, though you put in more hours to get that crucial recognition. Well, sorry for that.

I think the reason you’re where you are is simple: you weren’t hungry enough.

Someone will say ‘the year hasn’t ended so what are you talking about? I can still achieve that.’ But the truth is: this is the perfect time in the year to reflect on the things you didn’t get done and to re-strategise for 2018.

You found yourself in a rut hole this year because:

1#You didn’t pursue relevance:

If your company can get rid of you at any time, it’s an indication that you aren’t valuable in its scheme of things. We all need to be indispensable wherever we are, but surprisingly many are not. If all you can do for the company is what everybody else can do, then you can be thrown out any day for the person who can do the extra to be employed. This isn’t personal, it’s called the fact. It’s a fact that those who have key skills in the workplace are prioritized over the others. That’s how the world runs and supposed to. If you had pursued relevance, you would be capable of doing things many of your colleagues can’t.

2#You didn’t invest in yourself:

And the reason you can’t give the company that extra thing is because you didn’t invest in yourself. It’s not the number of hours you burn to get a job done that makes you competitive but rather the investment you make in yourself. Self-investment will make you a fortune while investment in your job will make you a living. How many books didn’t read this year? How many extra-classes did you take that added a skill to yours? How many seminars did you attend?

3#You weren’t marketable:

If your answer to the questions above is NO, then you have messed up. Accept it that you aren’t marketable but that’s dangerous. This means that even if the company sacks you, you will find it difficult to find another job. In this changing world, anything that has no market value is thrashed for those that do. We buy things that will impact our lives and not those we will impact theirs.

4#You focused on challenges and not prospects:

Perhaps you focused on the challenges you are facing in the workplace and failed to see the prospects. Know this: every company has issues, but their presence shouldn’t cause you to let down your guard and give up. There can’t be a world without issues so long as people are there. Your true worth will be measured by how you made it past the tumultuous times in your life.

Well, 2018 is coming and you need to rebrand yourself, add another skill, see the prospect and not challenges in every situation, no need to whine over anything and know that nothing remains small if well invested.



The author, Austin Brakopowers is a Broadcast journalist at Joy99.7 and views expressed here are exclusively his and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Multimedia Group Limited or You can reach him via

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