Akufo-Addo GPS app 419 – Mahama

Ex-President John Mahama says the development of the GhanaPost GPS application was a needless waste of the country’s resources.

He said the app is a scam because it is heavily dependent on Google map that is freely available on the Android market.

Speaking to hundreds of supporters of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Cape Coast Sunday, he said whoever was behind the app should be held accountable for disgracing the country.

Ex-President John Mahama charges government to sanction official behind GHS2.5m GPS app for embarrassing the nation

“This is where the President should show that he is serious about corruption…somebody must account for the GHS15 million [used in developing the app],” Mr Mahama said.

Sections of Ghanaians have criticized government over the digital address app, hours after it was launched.

Issues raised ranged from the cost of the app estimated at $2.5 million and challenges that come with the use of the app.

President Akufo-Addo launched the new National Digital Property Addressing System

Ghana Post, which is the administrator of the system, has promised to better the app.

But at the NDC’s Unity Walk, the former President said the app is a “system that is essentially 419.”

“When I was in office a Minister of state had to resign because of GHS3.6 million bus branding,” Mr Mahama mentioned one of his government’s scandals.

Then Transport Minister Dzifa Attivor had to resign after public criticism drowned out the explanation for the branding of the 116 Metro Mass buses.

An NDC supporter carrying Mahama’s bust during the Unity Walk in Cape Coast Sunday

Though it is easy to cover up corrupt practices in one’s government, the Ex-President said he was tough on his appointees.

“The toughness of the fight against corruption is that you are able to take actions against your own people and that is what we did when we were in office,” he said.

But he said President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo “seem unable to take firm action on anything.”


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