My boyfriend’s father hates me after I turned down his sex overtures

My boyfriend and I have postponed our wedding for more than two times and on each occasion, my soon-to-be father-in-law was the cause.

The once nice fellow who would demand an audience with me anytime I visited, has suddenly become antagonistic towards me. He now reviles my presence and has asked his son to slow the marriage preparation.

The last time he proffered the same advice to my boyfriend I was within earshot so I heard all that he told him.

“Sammy [name changed] do you think that lady is good for you when there are more beautiful and elegant women out there,” he told my boyfriend.

“Don’t be blind as I was before when I was at your age. It was after the veil came off that I spotted your mother,” he added.

Sammy laughed. I heard his shrill laughter because it penetrated the air and filled my ears as though a street carnival was being held inside. My heart skidded and I was scared to lose him.

The cause of my father-in-law-to-be’s attitude towards me, has been consuming me for months.

It happened that the last time Sammy and I visited his parents as part of preparations towards our third-failed wedding, he was called to attend to an emergency in the office.

We were barely inside his parents’ house when the phone call came through. His boss wanted to see him and from the way he sounded, it was urgent.

We immediately told his parents who were then outside about the emergency, but the mother decided to join Sammy because she had to buy some food stuff from the market.

Mr Yankson [name changed] and I glided into the house to await the return of the duo. While we were inside, he offered me water and fruit juice, though I wanted to do that myself.

“You are my son’s queen to be so let me give you a treat,” he surprised me and laughed.

He switched on the television and came to sit by me. He talked about his marriage and why he had wanted to divorce his wife over an incident he didn’t say.

We later changed the topic to sports and it happened that we both support the same European team – Chelsea.

But we disagreed on the best team in Ghana’s Premier League. I think Accra Hearts of Oak and not Asante Kotoko FC is the toast of the country. He disagreed.

My shock was when he touched my buttock just when I stood to go to the kitchen. Naturally, I have a big elliptical back but I never thought my father-in-law-to-be would do what he did.

I decided to walk on but when I was feet away from the kitchen I saw his shadow gaining in on me. My head grew heavy and I had wanted to bolt but I was far from the main entrance.

Mr Yankson held me again at the same spot, but I slapped his hand away. When I turned to look at him, I observed his man was standing and he was virtually begging.

“Daddy what are you trying to do,” I screamed, but he asked me not to “Daddy him.”

He inched closer, trying to lower his trouser. Before he could unleash his fury, I bathed him with the residue of the drink and took to my heels. I quickly grabbed my petite bag and stormed outside.

This was three years ago and I don’t know what may have happened after I left.  I also can’t tell what he told his wife, but I lied to Sammy I left because I had to attend to an urgent call from home. Never one to lie but this time I did and nobody has asked any question about that incident.

It appears save the two of us, no one else knows what really took place.

Mr Yankson has, since that incident and two other attempts later on, been unfriendly towards me. Sammy has been trying to know what has caused his father’s sudden change of behavior but he is not getting answers.

The surprise on his face sometimes tells me he still doesn’t know what transpired between his dad and I on that day. It is a secret now, a revelation of which may have some damning consequences, I reckon.

Our next wedding date is April 25, 2018 and as usual we’ve started the preparation towards the big day. I can’t tell what lies ahead but I am becoming apprehensive that something could go wrong.

Mr Yankson has started his scheming again and I am getting worried by the day.

What do you think I do?

I am Nana Adwoa.


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  1. I think the lady must reveal the whole issue to her husband to be. Failure to do so before the marriage will cause a problem.

  2. Spill the beans even though u will doubted. The way to do it is, do it before ur hubby and mom in law to be. Tell your man u are no more interested in the marriage. When you’re pressed to the wall before u tell them all the attempts the old boy has made on u. U must how’ver be prepared for hostilities from ur father in law to be……

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