How my soon-to-be wife broke up with me over ¢4500 ring

We dated for nine years but when the time came, all those years together with reason crumbled before our very eyes. What mattered at that time was emotions and feelings and not love.

For a bond as strong as ours to go bust over a seemingly simple misunderstanding that tore through our relationship, testifies to the impermanence of life.

We were christened ‘natural love birds’ by friends who were repeatedly surprised by the way we did things together.

When it came to the weekend movie night at the Silverbird Cinema at the Accra Mall, we attended together. We also visited the Korle Gonno beach wearing the same t-shirt.

The bond was thick that it was impossible to see through us and if you attempted to read the love that existed between us, all you see is nothing.

But the penny dropped when I lost my job, three months after we had outlined plans for our wedding. We had a plan to buy this ¢4500 wedding ring from a shop in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

We took the decision when my account was healthy and the company I was then working for was making significant breakthroughs in its line of work.

But this was to change after I lost my job to the three-year energy crisis Ghana was plunged into from 2012 to mid-2016. The company incurred huge debt as a result of the energy crisis that the best way out was to sell the company.

The American company folded up and the owners sold the assets and went back to their country. I became jobless and hours of hunting for a new job yielded no success.

With my active income gone, I explained to Abena the need to reconsider some of the decisions we took when I had enough resources on me, but she never budged.

I thought she would be considerate instead, she talked about how embarrassed she would look in front of her friends after she had told them about the initial extravagant arrangement.

It was difficult for me as she pummeled me with one embarrassing statement after the other and I felt I hadn’t known her for long. I thought she was joking but I was wrong.

I had researched on this ¢1,500 ring sold in Accra, but just when I opened my mouth to tell her about it, I heard the door slammed behind me. I turned and realised she had disappeared.

Well, that moment appeared to be the last time we both met since she refused to pick my calls and directed her siblings to tell me she didn’t want to see me anymore.

My heart contracted at the sight of losing her because she meant everything to me and we had dated for long.

It was too much for me at a time I was faced with one calamity after the other.

But I’m back on my feet with a job that pays more than the earlier one. I’m now driving the latest Range Rover Evoque and she does wave at me whenever I drive past her in the neighbourhood.

Last night she sent me a message for the first time since our botched marriage five years ago, saying she missed me and would want to meet me to discuss why she acted the way she did.

And yes this morning she sent me another message that has got my head spinning. “Hi my dear, hope you slept well? I miss and want you to know that. Please reply. Signed Abena with love,” the message read.

What do I tell her or how do I reply her? Please help me.

My name is Ishmael.


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  1. I interesting story though. God in His own wisdom allows us to face difficult challenges in order to push us to higher level. You may have not gotten a better job if she had not refused you based on a ring. My brother, no lady is perfect. Love is the important thing. From the look of things, you both love each other and I will advise you accept her back. She will be the best wife you can have.

  2. My brother this one dier u don’t need advice ooo wave back at her and go your way period!! Someone who cannot love you in your hardest moment is not worth it

    1. Exactly. I think God was helping you to know the kind of person she really is so that you dont make the mistake of marrying her! Thank God for that ooo. Just wave at her and go your way.

    2. Absolutely. What’s the guarantee that she won’t abandon you again, when the going gets tough (God forbid though).

      I believe God wanted to teach u a lesson and also let you know who Abena really was.

      Very materialistic; no cash no love.

      My brother, to be forewarned is to be forearmed; a word to the wise…

  3. God forbid but what happens if you should go cash trapped again? God allowed this to happen so you will know the kind of woman you have decided to spend the rest of your life with..simply put, heed to the voice of God and find someone who will be with you, for poorer and for richer… Thanks

  4. My brother, this woman will leave you again if you should go through hard times again. Hard times comes just for us to know those who love and care for us. This woman is none of those. A word to a wise is enough. I rest my case brother.

  5. It’s very obvious she was in that relationship with you not just because she loved but because of what you did for her on the material level. I suggest you find someone else who loves you not because of what you can afford her but the love and care you show her.

  6. Just wave her back. I advice that you dont go for here. They are always like that..Love you when there is money but wben calamity sets in their love jump through the window. This should be a lesson for her.

  7. Ishmeal this is a clear indication she’s in for money not love…its just simple…nine years doesn’t mean she’s the right one…the right person is around… Pray and open eyes well…well…u will find her…n pls remember marriage is forever…not for some years…think and pray.

  8. Wave back nd move on, in my worst moment when I needed you most, you left me. In my best moment when I don’t need you, you need me. No way

  9. My friend don’t you get it at all..God lives you.. He intentionally allowed you to lose your job to let you know nothing last forever.. And wanted you to know the kind of woman you were going to marry..I think you have been delivered.

  10. My friend don’t you get the lesson yet? Can’t you see God loves you. He made you lose your job to let you realise nothing is forever and your trust should be on him. for your woman, he made you know the kind of woman you were going to marry. I think you have just been delivered.

  11. It’s over. She will always slamm the door at you when the road is narrow.through It’s not easy starting a new relationship and naturing it. My advise is for you to for get her.

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