Rasheeda Black Beauty’s naked video earns her an invitation

Entrepreneur and TV presenter, Anita Erskine has extended an invitation to school dropout, Rasheeda Black Beauty for a discussion over the direction of the former student’s life.

Rasheeda Black Beauty came under criticisms last week over a video in which she filmed herself showing her private parts. The video made the round on social media especially on Facebook.

TV presenter, Anita Erskine

She has roundly been condemned for filming the video.

In a sharp and dramatic departure from the path many Ghanaians took, the TV presenter is inviting the school dropout for a meeting to explore more about her.

In a letter Anita Erskine posted on her Instagram page Sunday, said: “no matter what most people say, I think you’re smart enough to know that people would come after you.”

Rasheeda Black Beauty during Jigwe Viral Video Awards 2016

She described Rasheeda Black Beauty as a “beautiful, bold, confident young lady with [an] amazing potential.”

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“I think what many people have forgotten is that there are moments in ALL of our lives when we all believe that what we are doing IS the right thing. I have been where you are before,” she wrote.

TV presenter, Anita Erskine

“So my dear Rasheeda, when you get this letter, and you have read it and thought about some of the things I have written, come and let’s talk – one on one. Just you and me. Let’s look at who you truly are – a beautiful, bold, confident young lady with amazing potential. I hope this letter gets to you someway somehow. Let’s come together and show the world that greatness is hidden within you. I believe in you. Let’s not throw your greatness away! All the best, Anita,” she concluded.


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  1. I believe we have all done something unsavoury at one point in life. I salute ANITA for taking that step. We call ourselves Christians but are quick to judge. The prostitute in the Bible wasn’t condemned by Jesus. He asked her accusers to throw the first stone if none of them had ever sinned. God bless you ANITA.

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